Soup Products

The firm started in 07/07/2020, at the time where COVID controlled our lives. I got a medical condition not able to cook and had only commercially available ready to cook product. Ended in High HBA1c condition. After a complete review of the ingredients in each of the food items, it was obvious that they are not suitable for diabetic, obese or hypertensive people. I Developed this formula to address the personal problem. After several experimental attempts (85 times) or more ended up preparing a soup product that can be viable for commercial use. Further, standardized the industrial production leading to Myglyindex Products. From this point, I had increased the research over removing starch from the food and make it Glycemic index and low in potassium and sodium food products.

High Fiber Noodle Project

Noodles are widely used ready to cook products. Noodles are made from Maida, wheat or with rice. Nationwide widely accepted food is not suitable for metabolic disorder groups. Food enthusiasts have created noodle version with veg that is not storable for long term. Adding new food items to rice consuming populations. Creating a dried veg food product which is able to be added in rice is an easy way to reduce carb directly. Fiber do carry around 20 * 30 percent of calorie, when added to food it reduces a half of carb and leading to 30% reduction in total carb. Multiple versions of food products are in research in this way helping the daily requirements. A patent tech procedure helps to process the product and retain the shape that is required either a rice grain or a pennae pasta

Zero Cholesterol Food Product

Ready to cook food are various types of oats and noodles. A version that is needed for metabolic disorder -s high is fiber not preventing absorption of vitamins or addition of vitamins in various food to compensate is not available. Product had label with carbohydrate derived from various sources leading to confusion what is simple and what is complex carbohydrate when to consume and what benefits we can get. Lack of such details is the reason for searching a product with long complex carbohydrate with no direct sugar, sodium, low in potassium, leading to new formula of millet multigrain zero cholesterol high in vitamin b various components and zero sugar. Added with other Myglyindex products help to make porridge rich with fiber and long-acting carb preparation.

Enriched Microgreen Project

Having fiber is an important part of metabolic disease management. Most of the time this leads to deprivation or absorption interference of many nutritional issues. Microgreens have the capability to provide high nutrition that is believed to be 5 times higher of their own species. Microgreen are a choice to support fiber both rich in soluble and non-soluble dietary fibers along with source of the essential and critical vitamins. Adding and enriching the micro green is a method to improve further the bio nutritional absorbable levels lading good support of nutrition in natural form. Research is on 30 micro green enrichment varies and nutritional studies under way

Dried Rare Flower High Fiber

Traditional food in vegetarian types is slowly vanishing. Use of flower in food preparation is reduced. The processing of flower requires high skill and efficient methods. Preserving with less chemical and help in using the product again in our daily cuisine.

Using leaves to purify water, which in turn aids purifying process and helps in reducing detox. Various formula is in testing stage in our development process

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