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Millet Based Research

Every variety and sub species of a food grain have a unique code for genetic protein preparation. This intern corresponds to the absorption mechanism and further integration into the muscle and energy utilization in other living matter. Millet grain consist of normal grain structure like pericarp, starch, protein high insoluble fiber and soluble fiber with other trace matters. In BRMRSS, we studies the real nature of protein basic nature and the fitment of the millet consumption in metabolic disease.

Mineral Low Food Product for Kidney and Liver Disease

Millet are often promoted as high mineral content material leading to good health. The protein content and mineral is a very optimal combination to take a research on subtraction or addition of a molecule. While our research is aimed to bring down the Glycemic index per serving of 25 gm, we observed presence and able to reduce or increase a particular mineral is easier in the millet. Diabetic disorder and kidney failure present a huge crisis in health.

Most diabetic patient immediately resort to eat salt based snacks. This method is the dangerous and leads to faster renal deterioration. Like Diabetes are advised to reduce direct sugars, the hypertensive patient are advice to reduce salt in the food. Because salt accumulation increase blood pressure and vascular damage. The salt we are referring to is mineral i.e., sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and fluoride with out interfering the iron or use of any chemical in the process. The most removed mineral in our formula are the sodium to zero level, fluoride to zero level, potassium, calcium and phosphorus are removed to the lowest possible points. Iron and vitamin level are retained as a quick process technology that we have developed.

Renal Food has many unique dietary requirement like presence of essential proteins, fat, calculated carbohydrate short and long acting, protein that have creatine out put is known, presence of other mineral few to be low and few to be high, mineral not absorbed back to the system and most importantly the fiber content that can bring soft roughage and water content. It is important to maintain alkaline nature as body fluids are acidic in this group.

Our product bring the specific renal health drink that are low in sodium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium level processed from Foxtail millet. The process of removing mineral is called as demineralisation. Reduction of sodium and other mineral in normal household cooking is very difficult to achieve. Our trade mark is called as De-NaPKC meaning Demineralize form of Foxtail Flour with low sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium and Fluoride and not changing the original Iron content.

Phytic Acid Reduced Millet Flour

Millet and phytic acid as been a long debatable subject. Phytic acid digestion with single stomach animal like human is not possible hence the reduce phytic acid from original millet content is essential. Phytic acid is other wise called as myo-inositol (1,2,3,4,5,6) hexakisphosphate is a an inositol phosphate consisting inositol ring with 6 phosphate group while my refers ti eh inositol ring with hydroxyl groups. Phyate negative charge nature make it two molecule addition leading more effective blockage of absorption very classic to zinc, calcium depletion(cation copper zinc). Phytic acid is also a functional store reserve for the phosphorus. In many cases phytic acid act as a ch-elating agent in prevention of absorption. Where insoluble fiber and phytic acid form a wrong digestive pathway. So it is mostly used animal feed, our inhouse process developed bring low phytic level less than 1% of the original phytic acid present in the millet.

Millet and even oats have phytic acid and roasting of oats reduce the phytic content. Because of this nature, millet are not a great choice in MNC in Baby food or medical food formula. BRMRSS provide the technology in removal of phytic acid to millet varieties like Foxtail, little millet, brown top, Sorgam, barnyard and Jowhar. We avoided using pearl millet and ragi in this process because of contamination issue. This method is first of its kind with new tech, high success rate , good shelf life.

Enteral Feed

Ryle tune method of feeding is advised in major surgery or patient mostly admitted in the hospital. Common advised Ryle feed for a heart attack or ICU admitted patient is ragi porridge or other porridge. While people preparing the porridge often add ingredients that are restricted and and make it as porridge. Indian patient relies for food supply form home most of the time, a reason for contamination. There is a huge requirement of ready to cook - low cal or low mineral. Our product have good product dispersion, good soluble and no clogging , easy to cook in four minutes and can be added with milk or curd as per the dietary critical advice . Due to low mobility the product should be easy to digest, have nutrition that are less carbon emitting and odour less food easy to blend with other food preparations. Our product comes with a per ml calorie details ad what is the value in milk or curd added should be counted for caloric advice.

Insoluble Fiber

Various publication take the whole millet for analysis of the fiber content. Milling technique and polishing create a huge change in actual fiber content and thus each manufacturer have different content. Each millet diet have a specific ayurvedic food character hence caution should be applied in selection, example the use of Foxtail millet can increase disease of vata or vataja rogas. While all medical properties of reducing Glycemic index is associated with fiber coat they are mostly removed in commercial productions. Our BRMRSS technology provide flour of high insoluble fibre where the nutritional deposits are present default in the grain. A high advantage for keto flour manufacturer Is to have fiber rich and able to blend with other high fat ingredients. If you are a keto flour supplier you can contact us for further details.