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2 certificate program basic and advanced

PVG and PSMF auditing requires Huge preparation. Auditors course aid and explain clear step for establishing your team or to function as QA auditor in MAH


Drug, Device and Biological Programme

Adverse drug reaction is a process to follow up the side effects and provide correct recommendation on the use. Current program provide individual training of ADR (Drug), MDAR (Device) and Vaccines.

Reports in PVG


Comply with your ongoing CME and GCP training requirement

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Pharmacovigilance process implementation is a high coordinated effort and to stay compliant with MAH regulations.

  • Understand the unique principles of safety data for health and long term safety goals of patients
  • Quality management systems
  • Understand training in PVG
  • Individual case process
  • Periodic reporting
  • Risk Management

Online Training

  • Understand all aspect of process implementation
  • SOP, Flow and principles

Online Exams

  • Module wise MCQ based scoring
  • Avail free course and use the credits

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