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Indian Spices Based Soups

Indian Spices give a unique blend of taste. BRMRSS produce spice mixture of soups, that are very tasty for consumption and easy to prepare and quick to serve. We have 20 tasty soup preparations


Eezy Storage – Global Cold Storage

Initiative to protect harvest, preserve using cold storage via unqiue storage technology solution allowing global logistical support from Indian territory , allowing best price solution for off shore shippments


Pharmaceutical Combat System

Providing technology support to deliver in disaster hit region , in procurement of API, store and purchase , Product dossier & contract manufacturing of inhouse formulation and pharmaceutical research.


Mesenchymal Therapeutic – Stem Cell Approach

Initiative to study and bring global researcher in one platform for outsourcing, production of mesenchymal cell. Aim to contribute to preventive medicine and reach lay person with viable individualised care


Eezflex 3D Printing Technology

Initiative to aid technology in prinitng with less cost. Using technology and to print solution, get delivery in local region reduce the price of customs clearance of your meeting materials.


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