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Our research and development work is concentrated currently in bringing up ready to cook products for Diabetic, Renal (kidney), Osteopenia, NALA, Toddlers Food, Epilepsy, Food that can impact Mitotic process and Neuromotor Disorders. We carry out our individual research

We are single owner women run private limited company. We started in 2020 July during peak Covid times. we work on discovering traditional food and making it to confirm with modern scientific standards. Our aim and faith is many progressing disease where a metabolic disorder contributes can be controlled by food or modified by food, leading to slowing down or prevention of progression of the metabolic disease. Our constant attempt is to reduce use of sodium and other preservatives in food.

As a result of our research, we have launched starch free soup products, Mineral free renal products and zero sugar porridges. Our Trade Marks are Myglyindex, De-NaPKC, Aha-Rayale

We are incubated in the SANKALP-2021 - Agripreneurship (RKVY -RAFTAAR), Agri-Business Incubation scheme with technical support from ANGRAU Poshan Incubator

We have applied patents in Zucchini processing and millet processing in India.

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