MT aims to establish modelling structure in stem cell selection and culture. MT aims to bring several area scientific contributions to basic research and application sector. MT’s research is in healing impact of MSC in inflammation and post traumatic recovery from high risk infections like COVID, MERS, SARS, Dengue, and other pathogenic /vector born infections. MT is dedicated efforts in creating a database for understanding long terms post infectious disease, studying the appearance of co-morbid condition, and working of healing approach with MSC.

Many times dangerous infections create panic disorders, with somatic inflammations. MS creates a platform for post infection by capturing detailed life events of the patients and analyzing in real time technology. MT aims to provide free access to the patients and Physicians to learn about the new developing co morbid conditions in post infection status.

Our Technology

Our Scientific Team consist of long term researchers who carry basic research. Team of information technology is driven by industries best experts of prediction science. With the blend of the two groups MT is able to create unique project in stem cell research with MSC.

To use our database register as physician, this will lead you to real time database of information related to the physician new observations and treatment approach of various physician for the COVID

MS Therapeutics Contributions

Post Infectious condition cost a high economic impact. In developing countries this economic burden is via the loss of work hours. Symptomatic treatment are long term and they are not a curative approach. MT carry out research align researcher to the goal of creating preventive , reduced inflammation and faster recovery from infections.

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