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About Us

We provide easy, convenient food solutions for working people at a standard price. Our food products are prepared, test, and certified by standard authority. Our Product are designed as a user friendly, use of less cooking gas, available at per serving, unique methods of packing, reduced cooking time and efforts. This products are designed to meet the Indian Palate. We believe in use of dried ingredients can deliver more fiber and concentrated nutritional components.

The Taste - Our products include Indian soup varieties, curry and side dishes. Our innovation is protected by patent applications on diabetic meal replacement in India. While every one on pandemic times are trying hard to achieve a good health status, very few have real access to the real health ingredients. Our goal is to bring the healthy recipes, at a standard serving with all possible quality measures. Of all this bring it with no taste change in our products. Taste enhancers used in food items that is like starch or flavoring agents are not a good combination. If a herb taste sour, bitter or spicy let it be taste the same. No salts used in our products.

The Source - Our products are prepared with original methods hence they are devoid of wheat, or milk product of animal or plant origin, and not added salt or preservatives. All products are complete vegetarian, gluten is not present, no product used is of animal origin and no genetic modified raw materials is used in preparation of the product and they are vegan preparation. Our facility is not handling any nuts or use nut powders in our preparations.

The Time eating leafy vegetables are proven to be a long term health beneficial matter. Access to leafy vegetables and leafy herbs are very much limited in the urban set up. Procuring materials and cleaning and buying products with high fertilizers are common problems face by urban populations. The time to prepare and get access to the leafy vegetables used in traditional food preparation is limited. Storing in cooling systems reduce the beneficiary effects of the herbals. Most of the urban population use spinach or coriander , or amarthans as a leafy vegetables. Most of the time real harvest of greens are not available. Hence our product cater to this populations. Easy to use preparation shorter cooking time correct serving size, easy digestible food are the main benefits of our product.

We are a small scale industry registered with start up India and our activities are supported and guided by the industry experts.

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