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High Fibers Diet Products

Foods made from dried vegetables, beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, berries, avocados, whole grains, apples, dried fruits and nuts provide good source of fiber, but few are allergic to the diet. A vegetarian diet devoid of allergens is difficult task to find. Again keeping it low with sodium and carbohydrates, customers have very less choice. Our food processing technology is unique allowing less carbohydrates, lesser sodium and high fiber, we are able to create many food substitutes to the actual other traditional preparation ….. It should be safe and very mild on the glycemic index of the customer . maintain good glycemic control and low sodium diet can reduce the long term impact of many metabolic diseases. Fibre foods are of two types the Soluble viscous Fiber and insoluble fiber . Soluble fiber aids in cholesterol lowering and along with control of absorption of carbohydrates.

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